2015 in Detail

I’ve been reading my favorite bloggers dissect their past year this week and it got me inspired to do the same.  I always look forward at New Years, which is a good thing, but sometimes I wonder if I need to digest what has already happened so I can go forth with more focus and clarity.


Stonehenge with my beautiful sister (Her: left, Me: right)

First, I started the year out with a well deserved anniversary trip.  Ten years before, my sister and I journeyed home.  It was the first time we left the country by ourselves.  We felt inspired and grown up.  Since then, I have been on many other trips, but they never had the same level of excitement as that first one.

To celebrate, we did London, with a few side trips.  As you can see from the photo above, Stonehenge was one of them.  We had never been, in the whole seven years of living in the UK, and in the other trips back to the country that I’ve taken, I never bothered to see one of the biggest tourist attractions.  It was a great trip- one of my top.

On to the reflection part:  I believe this was due in part to those ten years between our two trips.  We have matured a lot.  Our lives are completely different.  My relationship with my sister, which has always been tenuous (only 18 months apart in age, complete opposites in personality/disposition).  However, she has really been trying to getting along more.  I also believe we learned a lot about each other during that week.  I learned we are more similar than I thought.  She let go of a bit of her facade.  It was the perfect start to a momentous year.


My twin boys: Emmett & Oliver

The biggest thing to happen this year was the birth of our twin boys.  Having waited so long for a second child (my first is now sixteen), and coming to terms with it not happening, it was a shock- to say the least- when it did happen.  Add not one, but two babies to the mix, and it was an extremely joyous announcement.

Going from one, practically grown child to three, with two infants, was daunting.  However, I have more patience, more fortitude now.  I am an actualized person, with a defined identity.  I know my strengths and weaknesses.  I was more ready than I would ever be.

What did I discover with the birth of our two miracles?  That I can handle a lot more than I ever imagined.  Just like with my first, I say it’s easier than “they” say it is.  Everyone wants to scare you straight when big life changes happen.  I loved the “better you than me” line.  So supportive.

Well, it is better me, than them, because I’ve got this.  I’m magnificent, and this is one of the first times I’ve been able to say that.  Is every day a breeze?  Of course not.  I deal with each day as it comes.  I also know that it gets better, because I’ve done it before.

I also know that times flies, so it’s important to savor every second.  That’s what I’m doing.  I’m cataloging every coo, every smile.  I’m looking at them often, talking and singing to them, playing and generally being youthful.

What has it done for the rest of my family?  Well, I would say my husband and I are definitely closer.  He got to finally go through the experience of pregnancy and birth (he is my eldest’s stepfather).  He got to see what we are both capable of.  Though he’s not an altogether demonstrative person, I feel that our love is now deeper, richer, more multi-faceted.

And my sixteen year old?  He is loving finally having siblings.  It was harder on him than we anticipated (jealousy was an unexpected feeling- didn’t expect it from a teenager), but now he loves that he is a role model, and- will be- a hero.  He gets to help his brothers become people and I think he takes that responsibility seriously.

On the writing front, I didn’t get much done with everything going on.  On my way to finally finishing my last edit of my novel.  I’m ready.  I need this.  I need to get back to me after a year of concentrating on family.  But that I will pen that in another post.  Resolutions to come…Have a happy holiday everyone!



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