Planning for 2016

Resolutions: I don’t usually make them.  Good intentions are nice, but commitments of this kind don’t usually work.  It’s better to have goals.

I really feel like having concrete goals this year.  I’ve had them before, but I’ve always known in my heart that they weren’t set in stone.  While I know I will fail, at a few of them at least, I still want something to work towards.

Having ADD, and being an adult with a lot of responsibilities, means that staying focused is extremely hard.  I need to change my habits.  I need to work on my energy levels (having 6 month old twins can be draining, especially when you work full time).  My dreams need to come back into my line of sight.

This said, here is what I’m planning, and my strategies for staying on task:

  1.  Planner


(sugar paper from Target)

  • I’ve had planners in the past and they’ve worked to a point.  For the past few years I’ve only had a pocket calendar in my purse, so I could attempt to keep tracks of my obligations and events.  I went for a planner this year (the Sugar Paper one I’d been coveting last year).  My thought is this- have a pretty planner to carry around and jot my weekly/monthly goals in so I’ll be more likely to look at them.  I’m a magpie, so anything pretty catches my eye and I’ll want to play with it.

2.  Lists

  • I’m a list maker.  This is an ADD thing.  You learn to write post-it notes or have list tablets lying around so you don’t forget things (unless you forget your list, which also happens a lot).  This year I want to adhere to my lists.  I’ve fallen out of this habit with the twins’ arrival, but I need to respect my lists again.  Bow to the lists!

3.  Making my writing dream a reality

  • It’s time.  I’ve been sitting on this for awhile and I need to bite the bullet and do it.  Stop telling myself “one more edit”.  Stop setting up obstacles that I just need to knock down.
  • Format my novel and write a query letter
  • Submit my novel to publishers accepting unsolicited submissions
  • Look into self-publishing avenues in the event my novel is rejected

**I’ve decided not to go the traditional route at first because it’s too much work (does that sound lazy?).  Rejection paralyzes me, and at this point, it’s the last thing I need.

4.  Making money off my jewelry

  • I can’t stop buying jewelry findings, so I should try to sell my pieces
  • It takes investment, but at this moment the hardest thing to give is time- I need to make a point to take the time to make my designs

5.  Schedule my days better

  • On the above note, I always feel so harried because I don’t have enough time in the day to do what I a)need to do and b)want to do
  • I need to divide my days up into manageable chunks so it’s easier for me to plan my time (I used to do this a long time ago)
  • Know that this “schedule” will morph as life happens- things drop off and have to be rescheduled

6.  Savor Every Second

  • I’m already doing this, but my goal is to make this my way of life
  • I want to enjoy every second I have on this earth- every second I have with my family, every second I have to experience life and its marvels
  • To do this, I also need to do the following:

7.  Get back into regular exercise

  • Restart my yoga program- while I was pregnant, I got into yoga and learned that I really enjoyed it.  I always thought I was only good at cardio because I’m a high energy person, but what I didn’t realize was slowing down was good for me.
  • On that note…

8.  Learn how to relax

  • This may seem stupid to those of you who don’t have an anxiety disorder, but this is like surmounting Mt. Everest for me.
  • I need to invest in my spiritual teachings so that I can work on meditation and my general outlook
  • Need to look into a meditation app
  • Read more about Taoism and Buddhism

If I just look at this list, it seems daunting, but I also know I won’t stop thinking about these things.  So, I must attempt to work on them.  I’m not a quitter, though I am a procrastinator.

Additional note:

Must buy Scrivener!



I love that this writing management program has a yin yang in its symbol.  I need this to organize my disheveled mind.


Onward into 2016!  I hope to make it a great year.  Coming off such a momentous one, I really need some normalcy.


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