I like my seasons- as I’ve mentioned here before on many an occasion.  Though temperature-wise my favorites are spring and autumn, I will always have a very special love of winter. One of the reasons this is a special time of the year for me is possibility.  It has to do with the fact that our […]

Planning for 2016

Resolutions: I don’t usually make them.  Good intentions are nice, but commitments of this kind don’t usually work.  It’s better to have goals. I really feel like having concrete goals this year.  I’ve had them before, but I’ve always known in my heart that they weren’t set in stone.  While I know I will fail, […]

2015 in Detail

I’ve been reading my favorite bloggers dissect their past year this week and it got me inspired to do the same.  I always look forward at New Years, which is a good thing, but sometimes I wonder if I need to digest what has already happened so I can go forth with more focus and […]

Neither World

You read it right- Neither World (not netherworld- close, but not quite).  This is an update on my recent post about being a Third Culture Kid.  I’m finally reading the book by the same name (David C. Pollack & Ruth E. Van Reken) and am already having revelations the first page in. First, the book […]

Building a Mystery

I read a great article on the Darling Magazine website yesterday.  Here’s the link: 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Mystery This was perfect for me because I’ve always wanted to be that woman with the elusive allure.  The one that you can’t quite crack. Alas, I was born to be an open book.  What you […]

The Rut

Every writer has met one…or several. It’s the rut- a gully or ravine in your road to writing success. It usually consists of self-conscious vacillation between ideas, tossing nuggets of information back and forth until they seem either undesirable or unworkable. I can have writer’s block, when I’m stuck within a story. It’s a stone […]

Seasonal Geography: Spring

I realize I’m very late with this post, but time has gotten away from me. I wanted to continue my little series because, well continuity is important, and its also something very dear to my heart. I love the seasons for all their delights and irritations. So, without further ado, I bring you my spring […]