I like my seasons- as I’ve mentioned here before on many an occasion.  Though temperature-wise my favorites are spring and autumn, I will always have a very special love of winter. One of the reasons this is a special time of the year for me is possibility.  It has to do with the fact that our […]

Summer of my Life

A thought just occurred to me.  I’ve always loved the changing of the seasons, and I’d never want to live anywhere that was one temperature/climate all year round.  I feel as if the changing of the seasons is like rebirth- every three months we get to see the earth in all Her glory go through […]


First time I’ve felt like writing poetry in a long time: Phoenix by Elizabeth Smith-Gehris I am radiant. I will blind you if you look directly into my sun. You forget. Under this transparent skin is bone, calcified with years, moments of torture, discovery, the likes of which you can’t know. My map can’t be translated, […]

The Artist’s Way

Though this is a personal exercise for me, I have started reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  I am really trying to approach it seriously, doing morning pages and artists dates.  I also do the activities at the end of every chapter.  I’m hoping this puts me back in touch with my writer’s heart. I […]

Stuck and/or “Drawn & Quartered”

As gruesome as this title is, it’s exactly how I am feeling at the moment.  I’ve had writer’s block.  I’ve had times in my life where my personal drama came before writing all together, but I’ve never had a time where I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to write. Is this normal?  Please tell me […]