Neither World

You read it right- Neither World (not netherworld- close, but not quite).  This is an update on my recent post about being a Third Culture Kid.  I’m finally reading the book by the same name (David C. Pollack & Ruth E. Van Reken) and am already having revelations the first page in. First, the book […]


As a military brat, it was hard to find an identity.  I had my passions, but who I was in a geographic sense was unclear.  This phenomenon is called “Third Culture Kids”.  It’s basically the premise that military children don’t have connections to a particular culture or heritage because they grow up in a kind of […]

The Un-Glamorous Life

As I was reading a magazine yesterday, and then again when I read my favorite blog this morning, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of failure.  Yes, I have a good life.  Yes, I am blessed in many, many ways. However, as everyone knows, we are inundated with images all day.  Especially now that […]

Reflections on: Home

Home is a hard concept for me because I never really had one growing up. Being a military brat, my community was my home, not my geographical location. My possessions were always the most permanent thing in my life (which is why I am now so obsessed with not losing things). This said, I have […]