Seasonal Geography: Spring

I realize I’m very late with this post, but time has gotten away from me. I wanted to continue my little series because, well continuity is important, and its also something very dear to my heart. I love the seasons for all their delights and irritations. So, without further ado, I bring you my spring […]

Leading Men

As a novelist- especially a romance novelist- I have a strong opinion about protagonist male characters. All characters are important to me as I am a character-driven writer. For some reason, and against my feminist mindset, the lead male has always been the most important for me to flesh out before embarking on a new […]

Radical Idea: Whimsy

I like anything with the word ‘radical’ in it. This usually connotates something exciting and, mostly, fun. Attached to politics or religion- not so fun, but we’re not looking in that direction today. Today we will look at Whimsy. I was reading this article in Darling magazine yesterday:, and it got me thinking about […]