I like my seasons- as I’ve mentioned here before on many an occasion.  Though temperature-wise my favorites are spring and autumn, I will always have a very special love of winter. One of the reasons this is a special time of the year for me is possibility.  It has to do with the fact that our […]

Owning it

I have an anxiety disorder.  I believe I’ve had it since I was born.  My mother has one.  My grandmother appears to have one.  I get it honest. Mine is hampered by ADD and hyper sensitivity (I’m an HSP- hyper sensitive person in technical speak).  Other gifts from my father and mother, respectively.  They contribute […]

Planning for 2016

Resolutions: I don’t usually make them.  Good intentions are nice, but commitments of this kind don’t usually work.  It’s better to have goals. I really feel like having concrete goals this year.  I’ve had them before, but I’ve always known in my heart that they weren’t set in stone.  While I know I will fail, […]

The Un-Glamorous Life

As I was reading a magazine yesterday, and then again when I read my favorite blog this morning, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of failure.  Yes, I have a good life.  Yes, I am blessed in many, many ways. However, as everyone knows, we are inundated with images all day.  Especially now that […]

Radical Idea: Whimsy

I like anything with the word ‘radical’ in it. This usually connotates something exciting and, mostly, fun. Attached to politics or religion- not so fun, but we’re not looking in that direction today. Today we will look at Whimsy. I was reading this article in Darling magazine yesterday: http://darlingmagazine.org/whimsy-and-other-adult-decisions/, and it got me thinking about […]