Building a Mystery

I read a great article on the Darling Magazine website yesterday.  Here’s the link: 5 Ways to Cultivate Your Mystery This was perfect for me because I’ve always wanted to be that woman with the elusive allure.  The one that you can’t quite crack. Alas, I was born to be an open book.  What you […]

The Importance of Plot

As I mentioned in my last post, I believe plot is extremely important. While I am a character-driven writer, without a well thought out, engaging plot, you don’t have a story. The characters must drive the plot, yes, but the plot must be able to stand on its own on paper. The more elaborate, the […]

Leading Men

As a novelist- especially a romance novelist- I have a strong opinion about protagonist male characters. All characters are important to me as I am a character-driven writer. For some reason, and against my feminist mindset, the lead male has always been the most important for me to flesh out before embarking on a new […]

Senses Alive

While I am essentially a visual person, I am also very much a sensual person- meaning I use all my senses to observe and gain inspiration. The slightest wiff of an evocative scent can send me on a nostalgic journey. The smallest inflection or tone can remind me of a movie or a person I […]

Mood Music

“Eclectic Forever” could be my family’s motto. We are a very diverse and fun-loving group, each one of us blessed with different creative aspirations. Because of this, we’ve always had a very broad love of music. Even my parents roll with the times, and can listen to anything from classic 70’s rock to Flo Rida. […]

How I write

Every writer has their own particular style when it comes to sitting down at their computer (or typewriter for those pure types) in order to craft their stories.  Different people need certain things to make the words flow. My perfect situation would be as follows (if I could have anything I wanted): First, the desk […]